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How we got started

Cash Cow House Buyers was developed, and as we like to say “dreamed up”, by none other than the Theriot Brother’s. Mr, Bernard Theriot is a tenured and tough market-tested businessman. Mr. Bryan Theriot, after an illustrious career in the music field, decided to tackle the real estate market and never looked back. Together, after a short joint enjoyed “vacation”, the two “business bash brothers” teamed up again and gave birth to Cash Cow Hose Buyers, Houston’s elite and premier chose for real estate investing. 

Making Business Happen Since 1974

Okay, so the above date may be a little misleading. Cash Cow didn’t start in 1974, but big brother Bernard Theriot was born that year. If you know Bernard than you know why we said that we’ve been making business happen since 1974. Bernard came out closing deals, and he’s never looked back. Cash Cow House Buyers provides a service that every real estate investor needs, wants, and looks for, yet rarely finds. We’re the real deal when it comes to locating properties, fixing them up if need be, and putting them back on the market. Did we forget something? Oh yeah, we’re ALSO the BEST at MOVING those properties quickly and for top dollar. 

Whether you’re an investor looking to get involved in real estate, or if you’re a homeowner who needs to sell their house fast and for cash, we can help. In fact, we’ve been moving and shaking through the Houston Housing Market now for over 5 years. Guess what, we’ve built a pretty big reputation for ourselves. With Cash Cow House Buyers you get ZERO nonsense, ZERO hassles, and ZERO excuses. Simply put, we do what other real estate and house buying agencies claim to do, and we do it with style. Want to talk shop about a potential deal, no problem. Give us a call and find out why so many homeowners and real state investors in Houston have turned to Cash Cow House Buyers for help with their real state woes. 

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